Spotlight 15/2020: Only Christ makes free, nobody else

From the vastness of paradise to a small labyrinth of selfish goals, from great freedom to close confinement. How man has changed! He could do better for himself, District Apostle Helper David Devaraj from Bangalore in India writes.

Mankind forfeited his life of total freedom in paradise in pursuit of perceived freedom only to find himself in a “box” in which egoism, individualism, and a complicated mindset prevail. However, this box—actually a maze—also has a way out, one way. Except for one, each twist and turn ultimately leads to another dead end. Ever since, man has been struggling constantly to once again find his way out to freedom.

In the jungles of the Indian sub-continent we have a species of snakes called pythons. Once they fall on their prey, they sink their teeth into it and quickly wrap their muscular body around their prey. In most cases, each attempt by the struggling prey to free itself only leads to another secure coil. That spells the end, death. This is what humankind encounters inside the “box”: a cunning serpent which slowly and surely constricts all freedom and leads mankind to a crushed life, disaster, and death.

As the Alpha and Omega, God had foreseen all of this. Compassionately, patiently, and very gracefully He magnanimously used the one “key” to show man the way out of his own thinking, and free him from the snare in which he was unwittingly trapped. He humbled Himself, came down to earth as Jesus Christ, our Lord, and showed us the way of salvation. Even though we do not always succeed in emulating Jesus Christ, our childlike belief in Jesus Christ sets us free: He is the way, the truth, and leads us to eternal life.

Do we as Christians, even as New Apostolic Christians, even really use this key to the door that frees our soul from this maze of individualistic and egoistic thinking? Or are we in a kind of dream world and think that we are free, although we are bound in so many ways? Many have turned to Christ because they thought it would improve their earthly situation, be it terms of money, relationships, or ill health. He, however, came to liberate us from our earthly mindset and take us back to His Father’s home, paradise!

Let us do everything we can to be transformed into the image of Jesus Christ and to emulate Him.

For me personally the 2020 motto means: there is nothing and nobody that can set me free; only Christ can make us truly free.

Photo: NAC India

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David Devaraj
motto, District Apostle Helper