Building peace in the congregation

The Lord’s Prayer is a fountain of peace and reconciliation. Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider recalls the special character of the prayer and that there is no room for selfishness.

The congregation recites the Lord’s Prayer before the absolution and the celebration of Holy Communion: “The Lord's Prayer is a valuable legacy which Jesus gave to those who believe in Him. With it the Son of God gave an example of how we are to pray to the Father in heaven.” This is how the Catechism describes it (Catechism 12.1.7).

Prayed on a regular basis, there is the danger that the individual pleas lose their meaning for us. In a divine service on 3 January 2016 in Siegen (Germany), the Chief Apostle referred to the importance of the plea: “And forgive us our debts.”

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Daniel Mauthe, Oliver Rütten
Chief Apostle, Divine service, Doctrinal statements