Thinking peace

There are many slogans about peace. Perhaps the best known is “Make love, not war”, an anti-war slogan. A Christian motto is “Peace amidst our earthly fears”. This comes from Jesus Himself. More

He comes in an emergency

Wolfgang Lütge is an emergency chaplain in the Hanover region in Germany. In the interview, he talks about his experiences and what he finds hard about his job. He also explains why we should all show more consideration for one another. More

Turkey-Syria earthquake: school brings some normality

Half a year after the earthquake in Turkey and Syria, people are still trying to come to terms with the aftermath. Together with its partner organisation Hatay Yardım İnisiyatifi Derneği and the New Apostolic Church Western Germany the relief organisation nak-karitativ supports traumatised children. More

Voluntary commitment helps protect children

When it comes to the prevention of sexual abuse the New Apostolic Church is undeterred. The most recent example is the introduction of a mandatory code of conduct published by the New Apostolic Church Western Germany. More

“Grief is not the problem, it is the solution”

Grief needs space. And the bereaved need support. What can be done and how can we help? An interview with Brit Gardemeier, spokesperson of the Round Table Bereavement Support Group of the New Apostolic Church Northern and Eastern Germany, provides some insight. More

Using social media as a Christian

Trolls, hate mail, cyber bullying: internet rage has become common. And who of us has not lost her or his temper? But there is a way we can contribute in making the internet a better place. More

Taking the future into their own hands

Hairdryers are doing overtime, hammers are banging away, and heads are smoking: the church building in Parkwood in South Africa has been converted into a skills development centre for disadvantaged young people. And they learn far more than technical skills there. More

Helping at home

Again over one million euros was spent on humanitarian aid. This is shown in the latest financial report of human aktiv, the relief organisation of the New Apostolic Church Southern Germany. A good portion benefits social projects at home in Germany, where the charity is based. More

Unique chance to get to know new worlds

Deep friendships and valuable encounters: these are the memories that Stephanie brought back from Zambia when she returned home to Germany. Anyone can now create such memories. It is not too late yet to apply. More

Malawi struggling to recover after a cyclone

Destruction, homelessness, hunger: of all the countries hit by the cyclone, Malawi was battered the worst. Relief efforts are underway also by New Apostolic aid organisations. What do the people need? District Apostle Kububa Soko wanted to see for himself. More

Learning for our congregations

Skills and knowledge take you further. This also applies to faith and life in our congregations. And the possibilities are many: they range from events marking International Day of Education to global learning during a whole year on a foreign continent. More

Pastoral care after devastating quake

Two months after the devastating earthquake in Turkey and Syria, Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider will be visiting the congregation of Istanbul in Turkey. How are the people holding up in Turkey? And how is the Church responding to the disaster? More

Odette leaves deep scars

No other country is as threatened by natural disasters as the Philippines. “Yes, indeed, we got our share last year,” it says in the latest annual report of the charity NACSEARelief. More

When cow dung turns into energy

Renewable energy: what is supposed to bring about a turnaround in Europe is a first step towards generating electricity in regions of sub-Saharan Africa. A joint project of two New Apostolic relief organisations in Zambia shows the immense benefit for everyone. More

Funds for our own ranks

The Swiss aid organisation NAK-Diakonia wants to help especially New Apostolic people who are in need, as well as ministers and functionaries within the Church. But when disasters strike the foundation helps where help is needed, irrespective of the religion. More

A disaster on one’s own doorstep affects people more

The relief organisation NAK-karitativ received significantly more donations in 2021 than usual. The reason for this was the special willingness to help after the flood disaster in Germany. In terms of the number of projects, the focus was on East Africa. More

The sacraments (67): A story behind every sentence

Three years and 66 parts later… The series on the sacraments has given us a lot of food for thought on theology and history in general and on New Apostolic specialties in particular. As a final instalment, here is an overview with dozens of links. More

Slogging away for the future, preferably in Africa

From Togo to Austria and back. Laura Johanna Fischer lives in two worlds. Several times a year, the 27-year-old travels to the African continent to advance her heart’s project there. This is still a tender plant and needs a lot of care. More

“Please be careful!”

Marketplaces for the loud and those with inflated egos. Social media poses dangers. “Please be careful!” the Chief Apostle advised and mentioned what we are up against. Here’s the replication of a statement against ignorance and delusion, dumbing down, and hurting others. More

The Church expands its misconduct policy

Clear words, strong action… In line with this motto, the New Apostolic Church is continuing its fight against sexual misconduct. This was also evident at the meetings of the District Apostles this past week. More