The best help is independence

Earthquakes, cyclones, and tsunamis again and again destroy people’s lives in South-East Asia. Emergency relief and rebuilding are not the only way to help them, though. In the long run, something else is important. More

On a humanitarian mission in South Kivu

After an accident he decided put his plan into action: Robert went to Central Africa to work for Doctors Without Borders and to help build a clinic. But things did not quite go as expected. This is the rest of his story. More

Preparing for a humanitarian mission in South Kivu

Sunshine, palm trees, reggae music. The three-minute clip on WhatsApp definitely looks a lot like holiday fun. But Robert is not on holiday. In fact, he is working for Doctors without Borders and helping to build a clinic. More

Battling disasters: love in action

First there was a volcanic eruption, then an earthquake, and soon thereafter the outbreak of the coronavirus. As if this was not enough, the year ended with super typhoons that brought destruction to large parts of the country. The volunteers of NACSEA Relief had a lot to do in the year 2020. More

At what point does the body separate from the soul?

Whether it has to do with organ donation, euthanasia, or measures to prolong life, modern medicine repeatedly confronts us with existential decisions. Following is an orientation guide from the point of view of the New Apostolic faith. More

Images of women throughout the ages

Woman and man—created equally in the image of God? The question of who, or what, women represent has always been defined by men over the centuries. Only in the modern age has this image begun to shift closer to the original intent of creation. Some excerpts from history will illustrate. More

Help on a global scale

Not a drop in the ocean, but valuable help for people in desperate need: many helping hands and a series of small projects have brought a little warmth, a full belly, and put a smile on children’s faces. More

Life in the crisis

The generosity of New Apostolic members from the District Church of Western Germany has made it possible to provide much needed relief to people in the Lebanese capital of Beirut. Now the local congregation is expressing warm thanks for the donations. More

Grasping the world word by word

The mother tongue is the child’s hand through which the mind learns to grasp the world. This is where the words come from with which God addresses each individual in a very personal way. Here are some reflections on the UNESCO International Mother Language Day, which is observed annually on 21 February. More

World Day of the Sick: a call to reach out

Today is a special awareness day, the World Day of the Sick. Do we really need such a day of observance? Yes, because they should not be forgotten or feel excluded or, worse, lost. The sick among us belong in the middle of the congregation, in the middle of our hearts. More

At what point are body and soul joined?

When exactly does human life begin and when does it end? The boundaries are not always clear. But clear answers are important, because sometimes critical personal decisions need to be made. Here is some help from the Church. More

A church without borders or walls

Locked church doors, divine services on YouTube, mouth and nose protection at the altar: the pandemic really shook up church life in 2020. It was the year of COVID-19. Following is a chronicle of the year’s events. More

Christmas joy without fear

When the shepherds in the field heard the good tidings of Christ’s birth, they perceived two calls: they were to have great joy and no fear! The birth of the Son of God was to bring joy to all people and make the fear of the individual recede into the background. Do we hear this too? More

Bethlehem, the barricaded city

There is a great barrier that separates Bethlehem and Jerusalem. Although it is indeed possible to pass through its gates, visitors require a passport, and must submit to customs control. For many, however, it has become a wall of death. Bethlehem today has become a symbol of political unrest and human error. More

Nagorno-Karabakh, a region in turmoil

For years there has been a conflict in the region, with armed hostilities flaring up periodically. Despite a cease-fire agreement, there is no end to the turmoil engulfing Armenia, Azerbaijan, and the embattled region of Nagorno-Karabakh. More

Law and justice—two completely different beasts?

Who is in the right? An often heard question. Whom will the law favour? That is already a more difficult question to answer. But having the law on your side is not necessarily the same thing as actually being right. And what is justice anyway? Where does it start? Where does it end? A few words on the subject... More

Fight against sexual abuse

Prevention, education, processing—these are the pillars in the fight against violence and sexual misconduct. In its fight, the New Apostolic Church also supports campaigns outside its own ranks, as was recently demonstrated by the District Church Southern Germany. More

Apostle Haeck assumes the chairmanship of the CCC

The Council of Christian Churches (CCC) in Luxembourg is the official name of the round table at which the ecumenical churches of the Grand Duchy gather together to discuss Christian issues in the country. The CCC has recently appointed a new chairman: Clément Haeck, a retired Apostle. More

Defeating hunger with fish and sesame

NAK-karitativ is applying a whole bundle of aid measures to help defeat the hunger crisis affecting the people of Burkina Faso. It began by cultivating sesame seeds and establishing farmers' co-operatives, as well as savings and credit groups. Further relief measures are now underway… More

Explaining the Bible to children

Anyone who has grown up with Bible stories will likely still remember very specific images. These may have been beautiful pictures from a lovingly illustrated children’s Bible, or perhaps some especially unsettling pictures that you wanted to look at again and again in fascination as a child. This clearly shows us that telling the stories is not the only important thing. More