A glimmer of hope beyond the diamond mines

Angola is booming — and yet the gap between the poor and rich is still growing. Many people still lack the bare necessities. Some, however, are finding new prospects in a project organised by two New Apostolic relief organisations. More

Family, a model worth striving for?

Family was yesterday. Today, everything is more modern. Really? Where does family begin, where does it end? Is it precious or maybe obstructive? What good is a family? There are many answers to such questions. Here is a look at the family on International Day of Families. More

Keeping busy in Lesotho: “I have stopped making plans”

Jan Schalk has a doctorate in agricultural sciences. He is presently employed as a development worker for Bread for the World, a German aid agency. His current base of operations is Maseru, the capital city of Lesotho. We interviewed him recently. More

Tackling typhoon damage and supporting education

The Philippines is one of the five countries most frequently hit by natural disasters. This is the part of the world in which NAC SEA Relief is active, the charity of the New Apostolic Church South-East Asia. More

Rebuilding shattered lives

Blue skies and green meadows … A holiday photo? Far from it. Until recently there was still a village here. “There is devastation everywhere,” Bishop Alwin Witten says. The New Apostolic Church Southern Africa dispatched him to Beira for a week. More

Giving voice to the gospel together

A handshake between the chairman and the delegates sealed it: the New Apostolic Church has been awarded associate status in the Council of Christian Churches in Germany. More

“Far from normal“: South-East Africa after Cyclone Idai

First Malawi, then Mozambique, and finally Zimbabwe: Cyclone Idai left a trail of destruction in its wake. Aid organisations of the New Apostolic Church have joined the ranks of organisations providing disaster relief. More

The burning sun, white snow—where does the truth begin?

Truth is often homeless, a proverb says. And indeed, truth is certainly a fleeting visitor. And yet it is nothing less than a human right. However, which truth is meant? More

Her mission: protecting the people and the environment

It is Brigitte Zietlow’s job to travel to emerging countries to improve the living and working conditions of the people there. We can all support her by making wiser choices when we go shopping. More

Please be careful!

Making the Internet better and safer—a futile endeavour in the year 2019? We can all do our part to make this happen! And we can also find some highly relevant thoughts and centuries-old advice on the subject—right in the Bible. More

The numbers behind charity

About four million euros went to one hundred projects in 24 countries: this what the 2017 annual report of NAK-karitativ states. The report was published recently and describes some of the fates behind the figures. More

Remembrance Day ceremony in London

A dual pastoral care commitment: in the congregation and for war veterans. Craig Esterhuizen has dedicated himself to help in word and deed. On the recent centenary marking the end of World War One he received additional support. More

Volunteer work – The sky is the limit

December 5th is dedicated to people who volunteer and do important tasks in society. There are thousands of them. Thank God! More

Let there be bread

Bread is the staff of life. It belongs both to the poor and the rich. A slice of bread brings out superficial differences: bread saves the hungry from death and is a gratifying comfort food for those who have everything. Some thoughts on World Food Day. More

Off the street, into the future

Learning and laughing, sports and games — up to 300 children a day come to the multi-purpose church in Leiden Central, South Africa. There, the Masakhe Foundation offers them refuge in a dangerous environment. More

Running because they love their neighbour

Their names are Max and Olga. They are 11 and 87 years old, respectively. And they have more than one thing in common: together with other members of their New Apostolic congregation, they participate annually in a campaign that saves human lives. But that’s not all. More

Comfort on the long road of grief

Comforting the recently bereaved is anything but easy. It is difficult to find the right words or even to overcome one’s own speechlessness at someone’s loss. Here are some do’s and don’ts in grief counselling. More

What starfish and humanitarian aid have in common

Why is humanitarian aid needed in a country with a booming economy? The answer is given in the NAC SEA Relief Fund’s annual report for 2017. More

Small streams make big rivers

Tomorrow, as every year on August 19th, is World Humanitarian Day (WHD). The First World gives money and food to feed the Third World. That’s how many people see it. What a dreadful perspective! More

When the Church goes to school

Christian love transcends borders. Join us on a trip around the world this week as we visit school projects in South-East Asia, Central America, and Africa currently receiving help from the New Apostolic Church. More