The numbers behind charity

About four million euros went to one hundred projects in 24 countries: this what the 2017 annual report of NAK-karitativ states. The report was published recently and describes some of the fates behind the figures. More

Remembrance Day ceremony in London

A dual pastoral care commitment: in the congregation and for war veterans. Craig Esterhuizen has dedicated himself to help in word and deed. On the recent centenary marking the end of World War One he received additional support. More

Volunteer work – The sky is the limit

December 5th is dedicated to people who volunteer and do important tasks in society. There are thousands of them. Thank God! More

Let there be bread

Bread is the staff of life. It belongs both to the poor and the rich. A slice of bread brings out superficial differences: bread saves the hungry from death and is a gratifying comfort food for those who have everything. Some thoughts on World Food Day. More

Off the street, into the future

Learning and laughing, sports and games — up to 300 children a day come to the multi-purpose church in Leiden Central, South Africa. There, the Masakhe Foundation offers them refuge in a dangerous environment. More

Running because they love their neighbour

Their names are Max and Olga. They are 11 and 87 years old, respectively. And they have more than one thing in common: together with other members of their New Apostolic congregation, they participate annually in a campaign that saves human lives. But that’s not all. More

Comfort on the long road of grief

Comforting the recently bereaved is anything but easy. It is difficult to find the right words or even to overcome one’s own speechlessness at someone’s loss. Here are some do’s and don’ts in grief counselling. More

What starfish and humanitarian aid have in common

Why is humanitarian aid needed in a country with a booming economy? The answer is given in the NAC SEA Relief Fund’s annual report for 2017. More

Small streams make big rivers

Tomorrow, as every year on August 19th, is World Humanitarian Day (WHD). The First World gives money and food to feed the Third World. That’s how many people see it. What a dreadful perspective! More

When the Church goes to school

Christian love transcends borders. Join us on a trip around the world this week as we visit school projects in South-East Asia, Central America, and Africa currently receiving help from the New Apostolic Church. More

Backpacks for refugees

“It was a good idea,” Esther Zbinden sums up. “And so symbolic!” During the recent District Apostle Meeting in Washington, the wives of the District Apostles spent one morning packing backpacks with school supplies for young refugees. More

In the service of the community

Welcome to a remote village in Brazil, a former settlement for escaped slaves. This is the village where Juvenal Basílio da Costa has committed himself to serve his neighbour. He has an organising role in the political community, and is the rector of the New Apostolic congregation. More

Welcoming the stranger

Christianity and racial discrimination are incompatible. Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider explains why in this video clip from one of his sermons. Today is International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. More

Christian dialogue: sharing the Christian belief

Being a Christian does not stop at the church door. This is demonstrated by the many encounters during the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity in the past month. The common idea: different, but reconciled. More

Beyond the headlines – Helping when disaster strikes

Disaster relief and rebuilding programmes were the primary focus of the NAC SEA Relief Fund in the year 2016. The charity responds to calls of distress from people in need, and not just because of sensational headlines. More

YPC18218: more than a Day of the Youth

The New Apostolic Southern Africa is expecting more than 40,000 participants at its Day of the Youth this weekend. The event falls in the middle of a crisis. More

“Missionswerk” becomes “human aktiv”

More than just a name: the aid organisation of the New Apostolic Church Southern Germany changed its name from “Missionswerk” to “human aktiv” at the beginning of the year. There are several reasons for the name change. More

The surprising benefits of helping others

This is the experience of Bishop Rafael Movsesyan. He has been overseeing ongoing aid projects in Armenia since the founding of NAK-karitativ. More

In the land of stones: steps to regaining independence

It does not take much to help people who are struggling to get back on their feet. And for those concerned it means everything. How NAK-karitativ helps families in Armenia help themselves. More

“Saving eternal life from certain death”

Death and eternal life … How do other Christian churches see this? And which teaching is behind this religious practice? This was the topic of a conference at the University of Fribourg in Switzerland. The initiative came from the New Apostolic Church. More