Pleading our own cause: we want you to share!

The web, apps, and print products are all channels through which conveys information and news. Some people, however, still want to share it in their own way. Is that okay? There is a clear answer to this question—along with three little points to observe.

The Chief Apostle was in your district? There was a specific topic that really appealed to the members? You enjoyed an article so much that you want to pass it along? Anyone involved in public relations is welcome to use articles from

The articles on our website can be used for the official media of the New Apostolic Church at no charge—regardless of whether they are for the internet or for printed material in the congregation, district, or Regional Church.

Spread the message—this motto also applies to our members who do not have an official assignment. For example, anyone who wants to spread news on social networks, on their own website, or in some other way is invited to do so!

Whatever the case may be, there are three key points from copyright law that apply:

  • the reference at the bottom of the text must refer to, preferably with the following wording: “ the news magazine of the New Apostolic Church International”, along with the link to the corresponding language version.
  • photos can be shared provided they are not from agencies such as fotolia or Reuters. If in doubt, please contact:
  • any modification, especially any distortion of copied texts or photos is not only unfair, but also illegal and therefore prohibited.

The links to are as follows:

In addition, there are banners for web use as well as logos for print products that can be downloaded.

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Andreas Rother