community 1/2024: Something for everybody

Diversity is what we aim for when it comes to community, the magazine of the New Apostolic Church. And this applies not only to the content and style of the reports. Have a look. The new issue is now online.

The first edition of 2024 is available starting today. It is published in multiple languages. And even its form is varied: there are printed and digital editions, colour and black and white editions. The free church magazine is individually adapted to the needs of the members and the possibilities of the respective Regional Church.

Church services on all continents

The liturgy is the same in every divine service. But choral hymns, language, and the programme surrounding the divine services differ from country to country. In the new issue of community, readers accompany the Chief Apostle to Halifax in Nova Scotia, Canada, to Ostermundigen in Switzerland, to Kananga in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and to Jakarta in Indonesia. As always, the Chief Apostle addresses the local believers directly in the divine service, but what he says applies to all brothers and sisters worldwide. That is why the magazine carries a long version of a divine service and three reports that summarise the main points of the respective sermons.

For young and old

community dedicates two double pages to the youngest readers and makes a point of specifically addressing the children. There is a Bible story in child-friendly language, and Kimberley from Paramaribo in Suriname talks about herself, her congregation, and her country. It is not just the youngest children who can learn a lot.

Unity in diversity

The church magazine communicates important decisions and teachings of the Church’s leadership in each issue so that divine services are conducted and decisions are made in a standardised manner in the New Apostolic Church. This time we will look at the question of how ministers are chosen by God and that having been designated for a ministry is no guarantee that it will be executed successfully.

Living our faith in a variety of ways

The section “Global news” takes the readers to different continents to be inspired by the faith of their brothers and sisters. This time, for example, there is the church building in Parkwood, South Africa, which has been converted into a skills development centre for disadvantaged young people by the Masakhe Foundation. Or the students at the University of Education, Winneba (UEW), in Ghana, who wanted to live out their faith more intensively while at university and founded their own campus congregation.

There is all this and much more in the magazine. Since 2015, there has been one issue every three months with 32 pages in printed or digital form. The New Apostolic Church International produces the magazine in English, French, and Spanish; other languages and their distribution are coordinated by the Regional Churches themselves. The print edition is distributed in countries where the brothers and sisters only have limited internet access.

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