community is online: issue 2017/01

An issue of community can be 12, 32 or even 36 pages thick. Who has less to read—and who gets more?

The new issue of community is online as of today. It includes Chief Apostle Schneider’s address for the New Year, reports on the Church leader’s journeys to all continents, and elaborates on Church doctrine.

The community magazine appears once each quarter in many languages and variations. The member magazine is available for download on the internet as a PDF or, in many countries, also as a printed issue distributed to the congregations. An archive featuring many old and new issues is available from in the community section.

Twelve pages: all you need

The core community magazine is twelve pages long. This compact edition contains a foreword by Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider, a divine service report, as well as various articles on Church doctrine.

Thirty-two pages: the whole package

With a page count of 32 pages, the standard edition of community goes on to include special content for children as well as news and information from congregations around the world. In addition, the magazine reports on some of the Chief Apostle’s trips.

Thirty-six pages: including a regional bonus

Regional publications of community feature even more content. Editors in America, Europe, and Asia expand the standard edition of the member magazine to include news and information from their own countries. This enriches the standard issue and offers further reading material of local interest.

Successful collaboration beyond national borders

The member magazine is published by the New Apostolic Church in three languages, namely English, French, and Spanish. Translation into further languages is coordinated regionally by the seventeen respective District Churches.

Approximately eight weeks pass between the editorial deadline and the publication of the magazine. Over this time, editors write articles, graphic artists take care of the page layout, and translators put content into other languages. After all is said and done, all the pages of a particular issue are reviewed and proofread.

Issue 2017/01

The magazine is just one of the international media products offered by the New Apostolic Church. In addition to its official website at, the Church leadership has, since 2015, also offered the global member magazine community, the online news magazine known as, and the social network

So it is that one reader may leaf through a few pages more than others. Ultimately, however, any reader can read any issue—provided he understands Georgian, Romanian, Bahasa Indonesian, Portuguese, and Arabic!

community shqiptar (Albanian) 2017/01 Link
community الامارات العربية (Arab Emirates) 2017/01 Link
community հայերեն (Armenian) 2017/01 Link
community 中国 (Chinese) 2017/01 Link
community Hrvatska (Croatian) 2017/01 Link
community english (English) 2017/01 Link
community english (English SouthEastAsia) 2017/01 Link
community english (English Zambia) 2017/01 Link
community français (French) 2017/01 Link
community français (French/Switzerland) 2017/01 Link
community ქართული (Georgian) 2017/01 Link
community ελληνικά (Greek) 2017/01 Link
community bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian) 2017/01 Link
community italiano (Italian) 2017/01 Link
community Latvijas (Latvian) 2017/01 Link
community Lietuvos (Lithuanian) 2017/01 Link
community português (Portuguese) 2017/01 Link
community español (Spanish) 2017/01 Link
community español (Spanish/Switzerland) 2017/01 Link

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