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Knowing what the District Apostles are discussing, reading what new things the Chief Apostle has written on our conception of the departed, and casting a glance into the congregations around the world—all of this is possible with community.

A new edition of community is published at the start of every quarter. The international member magazine of the New Apostolic Church is 32 pages thick, and can be read in quite a number of languages. A special feature: in addition to the standard issue, there are also many regional varieties. These are magazines that are supplemented by articles from the respective District Churches, which provide additional insight into regional culture and congregational life. These editions are likewise available for viewing and free download in the community archive at

How does the Holy Spirit work?

In the current edition, the Church reports on the events of Pentecost 2017, which was celebrated by hundreds of thousands of believers on all continents, together with the local members in Vienna, Austria. On this occasion Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider preached about the effects of the gift of the Holy Spirit. An International District Apostle Meeting also took place in the Austrian capital, and community likewise reported on that event.

The basics of our conception of the departed

In a policy paper, Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider takes a position on our conception of the departed. The New Apostolic doctrine of sacramental acts for the departed is unique within Christendom. Where does this belief originate? And what are its Scriptural roots? Explanations on the doctrine of salvation for the departed are also provided in community.

Travel reports of the Chief Apostle

The community magazine also features brief reports on some of the many intercontinental trips undertaken by the Church leader. How is the Chief Apostle welcomed and received? What are his appeals to our brethren in faith in America, Africa, Europe, Asia, and Australia? Find the answers in community.

Bible stories for children

At the time of Jesus, people were able to pay for things using four different kinds of currency. Since Palestine was part of the Roman Empire, there were Roman coins in circulation throughout the region. However, there was also provincial currency, for example, the Greek drachma or Tyrian stater. And last but not least, there was also Jewish currency. — Children will learn this background information and more in the Bible story “The lost coin”. This too is part of community — reading material for the whole family!

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