community 4/2020: A tour of the New Apostolic world

Not every congregation is so fortunate to have its own church. In one congregation in Liberia, for example, services take place on the veranda of the Priest’s house. This is what a young sister from there reports. community has many more compelling stories to offer and reflects the diversity in our congregations around the world.

Chief Apostle Schneider: God is faithful

In his editorial for the new issue of community, Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider writes: “We all lead a life of our own. We live through highs and lows, sometimes filled with fear, and then filled with joy again. Our comfort is that God is faithful! He does what He says He will do. As human beings, we may not always notice this, especially since we only know a tiny part of the divine plan that He has in store for us.” He gives some interesting pointers on we can implement this in our life.

Pentecost 2020: Professing and loving

Chief Apostle Schneider conducted the Pentecost service in Darmstadt (Germany) on the last Sunday in May. Only a small congregation was able to attend on account of Covid-19 restrictions. But thanks to live streams and dial-in worship, hundreds of thousands of brothers and sisters around the world were able to participate. This issue of community features this divine service.

Bible story: David is anointed king

David was the youngest of eight brothers. He looked after his father’s sheep. David made sure that none of the sheep wandered off. If a wild animal came near the flock during the night, he would chase it away. The Bible story written for the children makes for fascinating reading—also for those who have outgrown the children’s corner.

At Success’s in Liberia

Success is a young sister, eight years old, who lives in Liberia. She tells us about her family, her school life, and lets us share in her church life. On Sundays she goes to Sunday School. Services in her congregation take place on the veranda of her Priest’s house because the congregation does not have its own church.

A combined effort across national borders

community is published by the New Apostolic Church International in three languages: in English, French, and Spanish. Translations into additional languages are co-ordinated regionally by the sixteen District Churches. Approximately eight weeks pass between the editorial deadline and the publication of the magazine. Meanwhile, editors write articles, graphic artists create the layout, and translators adapt the articles into their languages. After all is said and done, all the pages of a particular issue are reviewed and proofread. This way, a total of 40 editions are produced.

So that all brothers and sisters have access to riveting reading material, the editions are posted in the archive for download. In this way, everyone can read current and older issues at any time.

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