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community offers inspiring reading for young Christians. Whether you page through it, read it for yourself, or have someone read to you, the magazine offers content for all age groups.

community is the international quarterly that features reports on the Chief Apostle’s trips, regular doctrinal articles, and reports on the congregational life across the world. And there is a special section for our young readers, Children’s Corner.

It has been designed with children in mind. Comprehensible language and large print make for an easy-to-understand reading experience. Colourful illustrations and many photographs complement the short articles. Every issue features two double spreads containing a Bible story and an interview with a girl or boy—giving some insight into the life of young Christians.

Why don’t you jump!

How did Jesus react when the devil tried to talk Him into jumping down from the temple, telling Jesus that the angels would catch Him? The Bible story in the current issue is about the three temptations that the Son of God was subjected to in the wilderness, and how He dealt with them.

A twelve-year-old choir leader

There is a large children’s choir in our congregation in Toukra in Chad. Twelve-year-old Cynthia is the conductor. In an interview, she talks about wild animals, two large rivers, and about her musical involvement in her congregation. “We practise three times a week. Sometimes when I am running a little late, they all come to our house and ask me when choir practice is going to start.”

Editorial by the Chief Apostle

In the editorial of this issue 2018/02, the Chief Apostle writes: “Throughout the course of a week we experience many an injustice and see many terrible things that happen in this world. And then we come together on Sunday and profess: ‘Nevertheless, we believe that Jesus Christ has risen. He has conquered death, evil, and sin. He is right. He has the last word!’ This is a wonderful way to close the week and begin a new week.”

International media offer

Forty languages, 36 pages—with or without a regional section. Launched at the beginning of 2015, community is one of the international publications that are offered by the New Apostolic Church. The church also runs the official website, the online news magazine, and the social network

In collaboration with the various District Churches around the world, the magazine is translated and distributed in the congregations in printed form. Older and newer issues can be retrieved from our online archive under the “community” tab.

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