The Catechism: a universal book of faith

The “new” version of the Catechism in questions and answers is just about to be launched. The content is the same as the long version, although divided up into questions and answers. Time to take stock and see how the Catechism has been received and understood. More

"Questions and Answers" will be published in fall 2015

A new variant of the Catechism of the New Apostolic Church is scheduled to appear in September 2015. This resolution was passed by the District Apostle Meeting at its most recent session. The reference work has been structured into "Questions and Answers" and is scheduled for publication in five languages to start. More

Interview with Apostle Hoyer: "Profess the faith" and "The Catechism - questions and answers"

"The Christian faith is intended to be shared with others" (from the introduction to the Catechism of the New Apostolic Church). - When and what do you confess", that was the introduction to the workshop, which the Apostle Wilhelm Hoyer and Dieter Prause moderated at the ICC 2014. nacworld spoke to the Apostle Hoyer afterwards. More

A copy of the Catechism for the Pope

Rome. Pope Francis regularly receives many believers for general audiences in St. Peter’s Square in Rome. Recently a Priest from Argentina took this opportunity to hand him a Spanish edition of the Catechism of the New Apostolic Church. Concerning this, Argentine District Apostle Norberto Passuni writes: “It is advantageous for us as Argentines that the Pope comes from our country.” More

The Catechism of the New Apostolic Church in Chinese

The Catechism of the New Apostolic Church provides sound information about the New Apostolic faith. More

Der Katechismus: Ein Buch aus dem Glauben für Glaubende

Zürich. Seit Mitte Dezember vergangenen Jahres liegt der neuapostolische Katechismus öffentlich vor. Er ist geschrieben, so heißt es im Vorwort, als ein Buch aus dem Glauben für Glaubende. Zwei offizielle Vorstellungsrunden für Kirchen- und Medienvertreter in Zürich und in Frankfurt zeigen, dass der Inhalt des Katechismus wahrgenommen wird und weiterführende interessante Gespräche möglich sind. More

Neuapostolische Kirche stellt Katechismus der Öffentlichkeit vor

Zürich. Vertreter verschiedener Kirchen, zahlreiche Theologen und Journalisten folgten am 10. Januar 2013 der Einladung der Neuapostolischen Kirche nach Zürich. Bezirksapostel Bernd Koberstein stellte am Sitz der internationalen Kirche mit den Aposteln Volker Kühnle und Heinz Lang den Katechismus vor. Das Grundlagenwerk über den neuapostolischen Glauben war Anfang Dezember erschienen. Die erste Reaktion aus dem Kreis der Kirchenvertreter: Der Katechismus ist ein wertvoller Beitrag zur theologischen Diskussion über Gemeinsamkeiten und Unterschiede in den christlichen Kirchen. More

Official introduction of the New Apostolic Catechism!

Zurich. “For the first time ever, a systematic description of the New Apostolic doctrine has been developed. Naturally there have already been other works describing significant elements of the New Apostolic faith […] Nevertheless there have been increasing calls for a more comprehensive description of our doctrine.” So it says on the first page of the Catechism of the New Apostolic Church. Yesterday evening there was an information evening originating in Zurich to mark the work’s official introduction. More

First copy of the Catechism presented to the Chief Apostle

Zurich/Herzliya. The first print of the New Apostolic Catechism is in the hands of Chief Apostle Wilhelm Leber: the international Church leader was only too happy to pick up a copy of the extensive work. This brings a year of intensive work to a close, as at least the German-language version of the Catechism is to be published by mid-December. The work is also scheduled for publication in a number of other languages in January of next year. More

Work on the content of the Catechism is complete

Zurich. At today’s meeting, the International District Apostle Meeting came to a final decision on the German text of the Catechism. This final consultation meeting was also attended by members from the project group The New Apostolic Faith (PG TNF). It was unanimously decided that the current version of the text would be used as the basis for further translations. More

The creed of the New Apostolic Church has been revised

Zurich. As of today the ten Articles of Faith of the New Apostolic Church will appear in revised format. By commission of Chief Apostle Wilhelm Leber, a Work Group has revised the New Apostolic creed. Concerning this, the international Church leader states: “On account of changes to some doctrinal statements, such as, for example, our understanding of Holy Baptism, a revision had become necessary.” The Chief Apostle goes on to mention that a more specific formulation had become necessary in many of these statements. The basic structure of the Articles of Faith remains unchanged however. More

The New Apostolic Church revises its position on Baptism: Henceforward all Trinitarian Baptisms will be recognised

Zurich. Effective 24 January 2006, the New Apostolic Church has changed its position on Holy Baptism and Holy Sealing. A specially scheduled information evening in Uster (Switzerland) was transmitted via satellite to all New Apostolic congregations around the world. More

New Apostolic Church adopts new fundamental principles

Zurich. What is the New Apostolic Church? What does the Church teach? How did it come into being? What is its position toward state and society? In general, such questions and more are answered by the catechism of a given church. To date, no such collection of fundamental principles was available in the New Apostolic Church. The only work on hand was the book "Questions and Answers", which was last revised in 1992. The Church has recently decided to produce a new compilation of fundamental principles. More