Passionate about belief

Easter is coming up … and the divine services in March point the way there. There will be talk about mercy and solidarity, fellowship and the rule of God, and examples and precursors. Here is a glimpse at the Passiontide. More

God considers each individual

For God, it is the individual who counts: every single person. The example of the Ethiopian treasurer shows on whom, how, and why God bestows His salvation. Here are some extracts from a divine service for the departed. More

Seeing all the good things

Sometimes there are days that just don’t go all that well: fights with friends, a bad mark, or no lunch money. And then we are still supposed to praise God? Here is a contribution on our annual motto “Prayer works” originally written for parents and children, but we can all benefit from it. More

Spotlight 5/2024: Praying with faith and persistence

In order to be successful, a prayer should meet certain requirements. District Apostle Michael Ehrich (Southern Germany) uses some Bible quotations to show how prayers can come to find hearing before God. More

Southern Africa brings the logo to life

The cross as a sign of unity and a circle of colourful individuals that come together to form a congregation. That is how the New Apostolic Church of Southern Africa has illustrated the annual motto for 2024, namely “Prayer works”—and here is the explanatory video. More

Decisive is what happens locally

The Divine Service Guide is looking for an editor. The job advertisement raises questions. Well, don’t Apostles write the articles? Why is this preaching aid necessary in the first place? And why is it the way it is? dug a little deeper. More

Never keep silent about good news!

Sacraments are dispensed, large churches are filled with young people, and donations are able to effect great things—the news pages of the New Apostolic congregations around the world were once again filled with good news that needs to be told. More

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