community 3/2024: Going to church

The latest issue of community features divine services and explores various aspects of our life of faith. Whether printed or digital, the magazine is available in many languages.

While some walk or drive to church, the cover of the latest issue of community shows that some fly in to conduct a divine service. This issue’s cover illustrates the theme “Going to church” with a picture of Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider and his companions walking from a helipad in Rwanda to the place where the service will be conducted. And the back cover shows the Chief Apostle and his companions on a subway train in Japan.

Why we go to church

Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider talks about this in his editorial. On the following pages, readers will find reports of divine services to read—one as a full version and three as abridged versions. Although this is not a substitute for attending divine services, it is an opportunity to reflect on our teaching intensively outside of divine service times.

Colourful and appealing

Like all issues of the magazine, this is followed by Children’s Corner, a section with two double-page spreads designed especially for children. Children and all interested adults are invited to read about the heavenly kingdom of peace as it was described by Isaiah.

And readers will meet 13-year-old Lowrena from India. She tells us about her country, her everyday life, and her congregation. The illustrations speak for themselves.


The following pages are less colourful but offer more for avid readers. “True faith has a future” is the title of a doctrinal essay written by the Chief Apostle. Who wouldn’t want to know what will happen in the future? The future as Christians believe it will be—with a few glimpses into the past—is explained on pages 20 to 23.

Diversity in our congregations

Global News is the section which features events in the New Apostolic Church from around the world. One example is the reinauguration of the wafer bakery in Germany, which was relocated to new premises. There is also a look back at Typhoon Yolanda, which left deep scars in the Philippines in 2013 and placed huge demands on the aid organisation NAC SEA Relief. Congregations everywhere are discovering our annual motto and the fact that prayer works. And Afua from Ghana talks about her experiences when she moved to England to study.

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