community 1/2021: an answer to almost everything

The purpose of life has been the number one topic for generations. How does life start? What is its real meaning? What comes after death? This issue of community takes an inquisitive look back and a hopeful glance forward.

The beginning of human life

Contraception and organ transplants, the wish for a child or even euthanasia… The question of life and death is something that affects everyone directly and very personally. To give New Apostolic Christians orientation and help them make a responsible decision, an official essay entitled “The Beginning and End of Human Life” examines the matter from the point of view of the New Apostolic faith.

The first part deals with the beginning of human life. The article can be found in the Doctrine category of the magazine. The content of this article will also be explored in this week.

Part of life

Jesus Christ accompanies people and offers help and solutions in times of spiritual distress. The Chief Apostle gave some practical examples of this in a divine service in Zurich in Switzerland: “The same help, here as well as there”. This and other reports of divine services can be found in the category “A visit…”

Anxiety, a sense of gloom, mood swings… Surely there is no one who has not experienced a low. But sometimes life can run off the rails. And then it needs more than sensitive ministers and a kind and loving congregation. The article “Therapy and faith: partners on the path to healing” shows that faith alone cannot solve all problems.

The children’s section also explores the topic of being Christian, in other words, serving and helping one another. “Peter denies Jesus” is the Bible story in this issue, and shows that it is not about being the biggest, best, and fastest in life, but that it is important to do what Jesus Christ did and serve your neighbour.

The purpose of human life

“Christ, our future” is the motto of the New Apostolic Church for the year 2021 and is also part of the international member magazine. Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider illuminates the certainty, energy, and motivation which marks the future hope of all Christians: “Christ is our future. His death and resurrection are the basis for this. The promise of the Lord that He will bring His work to completion is certain. By remaining faithful to Him, we can hope in His grace. And we can be certain that His glory will outshine all of our sorrows.”

This new issue of the magazine marks the beginning of its seventh year of publication. Community is the international member magazine and is published in many languages as a print and online magazine. It can also be found in the digital archive of

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