community 3/2024: Going to church

The latest issue of community features divine services and explores various aspects of our life of faith. Whether printed or digital, the magazine is available in many languages. More

community 2/2024: In conversation with God

The new issue of community is online. There are print and digital versions of the magazine in a number of languages. Featured are insights into the management of the Church, church life worldwide, and the teaching—for young and old. More

community 1/2024: Something for everybody

Diversity is what we aim for when it comes to community, the magazine of the New Apostolic Church. And this applies not only to the content and style of the reports. Have a look. The new issue is now online. More

community 4/2023: Trust in the gift of the Holy Spirit

Reliving the events surrounding the feast of Pentecost—that is the aim of the latest edition of community. The current issue focuses on this central divine service and the activities associated with it. And naturally there are all sorts of other interesting things to discover as well. More

community 3/2023: Discovering a whole world between the lines

A world trip without an airplane? You don’t even have to leave home for it. Let the new issue of community show you around. Following in the footsteps of the Chief Apostle and their brothers and sisters in faith, readers can once again travel the world—from the sofa or from the pew after the divine service, wherever they choose to read the magazine. More

community 2/2023: The joy of fellowship

Church life, doctrinal aspects, and a children’s corner… the latest issue of the community magazine is jam-packed with exciting topics. This edition of the magazine takes its readers to Brazil and South Africa, among other places, and it features the full-text version of the divine service in which the Chief Apostle explained our motto for 2023. More

community 1/2023: Some things new plus some tried and true for the new year

Yes, the concept is already a little older now: the member magazine known as community has already been around for eight years. Nevertheless, it is not yet long in the tooth by any means, and still contains a great deal of new and valuable material. As usual, there is a lot of exciting content to discover in the latest issue. More

community 4/2022: There is always something new

The structure and features are always the same, but the content is always new and different. The latest edition of community is ready to be distributed in many languages and with news from around the New Apostolic world. More

community 3/2022: Something for everybody

‌Reports of divine services, doctrinal subjects, or a section for children—everybody will find something in community that interests them. More

community 2/2022: Interesting, informative, and inspiring

Chock full with information and inspiration… Edition 2/2022 of the New Apostolic member magazine community can be downloaded starting today. Here is a glance at the content. More

community 1/2022: A joint effort

Divine services with the Chief Apostle, reports from various congregations, and a Bible story for children… community, the magazine of the New Apostolic Church, is published quarterly. On it is featured as a digital edition, and many countries print the magazine. More

community 4/2021: What really matters in life

There is so much that competes for our attention, and we have to set priorities… But what really matters? Here is an answer from Chief Apostle Schneider. The new issue of community also features aspects of the Church’s teachings, people who share our faith, and congregational life around the world. More

community 3/2021: Unity in diversity

“It is the same everywhere, only different,” Chief Apostle Hans Urwyler once said many years ago. Life and faith differ greatly in the congregations around the world, yet there is so much we have in common. community presents some of these commonalities in its latest issue, 03/2021. More

community 2/2021: Our future with God

The end of human life, hope in the return of Jesus, and fellowship with God: the latest issue of community has lots to offer on the Christian future. More

community 1/2021: an answer to almost everything

The purpose of life has been the number one topic for generations. How does life start? What is its real meaning? What comes after death? This issue of community takes an inquisitive look back and a hopeful glance forward. More

community 4/2020: A tour of the New Apostolic world

Not every congregation is so fortunate to have its own church. In one congregation in Liberia, for example, services take place on the veranda of the Priest’s house. This is what a young sister from there reports. community has many more compelling stories to offer and reflects the diversity in our congregations around the world. More

community 3/2020: Receiving good things and doing good

An edition filled with trust and good things. The new edition of community gives courage and showcases successful aid projects. It shows how faith can be explained and how it can practised. More

community 2/2020: something for everybody

Stories from the Bible and news from the congregations, as well as insights into our Church doctrine … Over the next few days, some 200,000 families across the globe will receive their printed copy of the new edition of community. Here is a preview of the online issue. More

community 1/2020: New Year, new motto

With its latest edition, the Church magazine “community” begins its sixth year of publication. The top subjects this time around include “What truly makes free” — “What God really wants” — and “When Christ will return”. More

Issue 2019/04 of “community” is online

The Holy Spirit works powerfully both in the congregations of the church of Christ and in every individual believer. Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider reminded readers about this in a recent letter to the congregations. More