community 4/2021: What really matters in life

There is so much that competes for our attention, and we have to set priorities… But what really matters? Here is an answer from Chief Apostle Schneider. The new issue of community also features aspects of the Church’s teachings, people who share our faith, and congregational life around the world. More

community 3/2021: Unity in diversity

“It is the same everywhere, only different,” Chief Apostle Hans Urwyler once said many years ago. Life and faith differ greatly in the congregations around the world, yet there is so much we have in common. community presents some of these commonalities in its latest issue, 03/2021. More

community 2/2021: Our future with God

The end of human life, hope in the return of Jesus, and fellowship with God: the latest issue of community has lots to offer on the Christian future. More

community 1/2021: an answer to almost everything

The purpose of life has been the number one topic for generations. How does life start? What is its real meaning? What comes after death? This issue of community takes an inquisitive look back and a hopeful glance forward. More

community 4/2020: A tour of the New Apostolic world

Not every congregation is so fortunate to have its own church. In one congregation in Liberia, for example, services take place on the veranda of the Priest’s house. This is what a young sister from there reports. community has many more compelling stories to offer and reflects the diversity in our congregations around the world. More

community 3/2020: Receiving good things and doing good

An edition filled with trust and good things. The new edition of community gives courage and showcases successful aid projects. It shows how faith can be explained and how it can practised. More

community 2/2020: something for everybody

Stories from the Bible and news from the congregations, as well as insights into our Church doctrine … Over the next few days, some 200,000 families across the globe will receive their printed copy of the new edition of community. Here is a preview of the online issue. More

community 1/2020: New Year, new motto

With its latest edition, the Church magazine “community” begins its sixth year of publication. The top subjects this time around include “What truly makes free” — “What God really wants” — and “When Christ will return”. More

Issue 2019/04 of “community” is online

The Holy Spirit works powerfully both in the congregations of the church of Christ and in every individual believer. Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider reminded readers about this in a recent letter to the congregations. More

community is online: issue 2019/03

Week after week, believers around the world gather for divine services in their congregations—a joy they all share. However, their living conditions could not be more different. The new issue of community takes a look at the diversity of our congregations and features special divine services. More

community is online: issue 2019/02

Whether our concept of ministry, biblical knowledge, interesting people, humanitarian activities, or divine services of the Chief Apostle, community has it all, plus impressions from around the world. More

community is online: issue 2019/01

Proclaiming the gospel to non-Christians and being innovative … This is what Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider calls for in his article on the universality of the church and the gospel. More in the newest issue of community. More

community is online: Issue 2018/04

Condemning my neighbour because he is different? In his most recent letter to the congregations, Chief Apostle Schneider says, “No!” and explains how Christians should react instead. More

community is online: issue 2018/03

Good news for passionate readers. The new issue of community is online. On 32 pages, it offers plenty of reading material for young and not-so-young New Apostolic Christians. More

community is online: issue 2018/02

community offers inspiring reading for young Christians. Whether you page through it, read it for yourself, or have someone read to you, the magazine offers content for all age groups. More

community is online: issue 2018/01

Not all New Apostolic Christians have access to the Internet. But even those who do not will receive the Chief Apostle’s New Year message, which he proclaimed yesterday. And not only in divine service. More

community is online: issue 2017/04

Knowing what the District Apostles are discussing, reading what new things the Chief Apostle has written on our conception of the departed, and casting a glance into the congregations around the world—all of this is possible with community. More

community is online: issue 2017/03

“The wrong response would be to remain motionless, inactive, and mute,” Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider states in his editorial of the new issue of community. Praising God and giving thanks is an essential task of everyday life. More

community is online: Issue 2017/02

Three things are important to Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider when it comes to the divine creation: the Church leader explains exactly what these are in the Foreword to the latest "community". More

community is online: issue 2017/01

An issue of community can be 12, 32 or even 36 pages thick. Who has less to read—and who gets more? More