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    A man who said yes and stayed true

    A faithful servant of the Church, that sounds like the perfect caption for the life of Johann Rissik Kitching, who was responsible for the fate of the New Apostolic Church in Southern Africa for many years. Who was this man? Let us take a look back in honour of his 100th birthday. More

    Jesus dries our tears

    The sermon was about weeping, but the situation was anything but sad! On the contrary, those who weep are to be consoled. This was the message of the Chief Apostle during a divine service in Strasbourg (France) on 15 November 2020. More

    At home worldwide: Sharing joy and sorrow

    Life is varied. Misery and elation alternate, and the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic is making it difficult not to feel overwhelmed. But there are always hopeful little stories that encourage and point to a better future. Here is a small glimpse. More

    Starting the new church year together

    On Sunday Christians around the world will celebrate the first Sunday of Advent. A time of special lights, being together, and extraordinary emotions. More

    What repetitions say about God

    Liturgy is more than just a prescribed pattern for worship. It also conveys the message of God to the believers. The Chief Apostle explained what it is for in a divine service this past August. The answer in a video. More