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    Serving and reigning: ruling over sin

    Reigning. This is the second part of our 2023 motto. But it has nothing to do with exercising power over others, but with controlling our own thoughts and actions. Here is the third of four video clips from the New Year’s Day service. More

    “The fire must be kept burning”

    People celebrate Christmas and Easter. Is there more behind it than tradition? People are aware of the problems and know how to solve them. So who really needs a Saviour? However, there is only one path that leads to lasting happiness and peace. More

    Tired? Then come here!

    Come here, this is Jesus’ call to the weary and burdened. Who they are and what Jesus has to tell them is something Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider revealed in a divine service that not only lends the weary and burdened strength. More

    They risked their own lives

    He lost everything and found refuge with brothers and sisters in faith: Ernst Kaufmann, who was of Jewish descent, survived because people in his New Apostolic environment hid him from the Gestapo. Here is a short biography of him to mark the International Day of Commemoration in Memory of the Victims of the Holocaust, which is observed annually on 27 January. More

    Development and teaching in the New Apostolic Church

    School is not the only place where one can learn something. One can also do so in church. Tomorrow, 24 January is the International Day of Education. Here are a few examples how the New Apostolic Church is involved in teaching its members. More