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    Pastoral care (17): Doctrinal developments—a problem area?

    Always so many changes! There is hardly any other church that has developed so far in such a short time. For many, the reaction to this is: “I can’t even recognise my own Church anymore!” And yet others are happy about the changes. How are we to deal with this? More

    “This is a collective effort”

    A system that runs parallel to the system: How the policy against sexual misconduct works in the New Apostolic Church of Southern Africa is the subject of a double interview by NAC TV—the summary at More

    Beyond all imagination

    Those who draw near to Jesus Christ can make a great discovery. And what is it? That is precisely what Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider reveals in this video—a divine service excerpt in moving letters. More

    How the children can come to Jesus unhindered

    “Let us be aware that Jesus also looks at the way we behave with children.” — And that was not even the most important message that Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider had to impart in the divine service he conducted in Kabwe, Zambia. More

    The sacraments (44): The second part of baptism

    How does the believer receive the Holy Spirit? The Bible remains ambiguous and leaves quite a few gaps with respect to this question. Answers begin to develop of the early church. And this foundation stands to this day. More