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    God’s word in plain language

    Faith, doctrine, preaching: everything is based on the Bible, which is why it is so important that both the ministers and the members are familiar with it. Holy Scripture, however, cannot be read just like any other book. Here is a manual from a divine service by the Chief Apostle. More

    Struggling for blessing

    Why doesn’t God do something? Has he forgotten me? God answers questions like these and says: “You are mine!” And how does that go together? The key to this was given in a divine service held by the Chief Apostle. More

    The greatness of God

    “It does not say in the calendar: today you have to thank God. Gratitude is not an obligation.” It is rather an effect of faith. The belief that God is great makes us grateful, Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider says. More

    He has the whole world in His hand

    This is about an object of faith so great that it does not fit into a single divine service. Good thing October has five Sundays. There will be plenty of opportunity to contemplate God’s creation, and from five different angles to boot. More

    Official responses to some fundamental questions

    Before we can begin to look at who can carry a ministry, we have to answer the big question of what: what is a ministry; what constitutes, determines, and terminates it? Here is a summary with links that will take you deeper into the subject matter. More