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    Holding on to our hope

    God gave three promises to believers. The reality that presents itself to us, however, looks a little different. Here is a look at what our hope is based on and how not to lose it. Explanations from a divine service by the Chief Apostle. More

    The right choice: God has priority!

    “God help me!”—a call that is often expressed aloud in times of decision. It was concerning times such as these—and what they are good for—that Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider preached in a divine service he conducted in Lusaka, Zambia. More

    Seeing both God and man the right way

    Jesus Christ died so that mankind may live. “Did anyone necessarily need to be punished so that God could be well-disposed to us again?” asked the Chief Apostle. We find the answer in the Bible—and it is rather surprising. More

    Team player rather than lone wolf

    Shared leadership and collective decision-making: that is the programme in the New Apostolic Church. And this is not only the way things work in the International District Apostle Meeting, but rather also in the various governing bodies of the District Churches. More

    God is no stop-gap

    People come to Jesus for all kinds of reasons: some because they hope for a quick solution to their problems, others because they long to be with God forever. Chief Apostle Schneider recently addressed the topics of discipleship, self-denial, and determination. More