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    A musical canvas to celebrate cultural diversity

    A canvas in brilliant tone colours. This is what the regional church is working on which Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider will be visiting this weekend. More

    Remembrance Day ceremony in London

    A dual pastoral care commitment: in the congregation and for war veterans. Craig Esterhuizen has dedicated himself to help in word and deed. On the recent centenary marking the end of World War One he received additional support. More

    Creating a perfect relationship

    Proximity to God, the relationship among people, and living in harmony with creation are closely related. How can we reconcile what evil has separated ? This good power has a name. More

    Mary of Nazareth, waiting to give birth

    There is no doubt that Mary was waiting for the birth of her son. Every expecting mother has special feelings during pregnancy. And the closer the due date is, the stronger the bond between mother and child becomes. More

    Inner wealth—now that’s something worth talking about

    To be rich would be a Utopia for many people. But there is also a state of wealth that can be assessed inwardly: I am rich because of my joy, my children, or the fulfilment of wishes. Inner wealth: there are many possibilities. More