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    Chief Apostle: “Just have courage—we will carry on!”

    There is a curfew in France. Even Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider is housebound—and will also be without Holy Communion for weeks. But he has not become discouraged: “I know that God will not abandon His children, especially in difficult situations.” More

    Watching the Chief Apostle from home on Easter

    Easter is the “feast of consolation and hope”. Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider really means it. To underline this he wants to send out a strong signal—with a worldwide divine service. More

    Divine services despite Corona crisis (update)

    If the faithful cannot go to church, the church will come to the faithful. This is how the New Apostolic Church is looking after its members in the current Corona crisis. Across the globe, however, the possibilities are quite different. More

    The word of God brings light during the lockdown

    A congregation without walls and borders—this is how hundreds of thousands of New Apostolic families experienced the past Sunday. Even though the doors to our churches were locked, the Church itself was more open than ever before. More

    Divine salvation: no pain, no gain

    “We are responsible for our own salvation,” the Chief Apostle said in his sermon in Niamey. God puts the necessary means at our disposal so that we can obtain salvation. Our mission is to accept these means. More