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“Come to Me and come with Me!”

A divine service in a divine service, short and sweet for the youngest members of the congregation. This special service took place last week in Rosenheim (Germany). Here is what the Chief Apostle told the children. More

Let us join and be one

An invitation that has a beautiful ring to it: “Come to the feast, come hear the Word, come to the table of the Lord”. Tune into the service for the departed with this melodious welcome in G major. More

Learning for life with SNAG

More than a safe haven. Masakhe, a welfare foundation in South Africa, helps children acquire life skills. Physical, mental, and social skills are trained in a playful way—by learning to play golf. More

Rich in Christ (4): sharing with others

Being rich in Christ is not end in itself. Every Christian has a mission: to share his values. How? The Chief Apostle explained this in his first divine service of the new year. And the extraordinary thing about it is that no one becomes poorer in the process. More

Rich in Christ (3): the values

Why should one want to be rich in Christ? What exactly are these treasures? Rich pickings from the Chief Apostle’s beginning-of-the-year service. More

Rich in Christ (2): the secret of success

Those who want to be rich in Christ must first of all become poor. In his beginning-of-the-year service the Chief Apostle addressed five keys of success. More

Perseverance in serving makes congregational life possible

Congregational life is made possible by the many prayers and sacrifices and the many services that are performed. Recently, Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider explained this yet again. He thanks the members for their continued willingness to serve. More