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Flashback (3): “The tool in His hand”

Whether it is chaotic or orderly, a construction site is still a construction site. And sometimes you might ask yourself: what will this become? It is good to know the builder. This is what District Apostle Michael Deppner (DR Congo-West) said during the Pentecost service. More

Flashback (2): “God likes new things”

When new things are created from nothing… District Apostle Leonard Kolb (USA) invited us to witness this miracle during the Pentecost service 2021. It is a miracle that occurs within us and around us. More

Flashback (1): Pentecost re-echoes with praise and gratitude

The musicians touched the hearts of many thousands of people with their sensitive and moving renditions at the central Pentecost service. One particular song from South Africa tugged at many people’s heartstrings. More

Divine things in captivity

The soul is immortal and there is even help for the dead. Where does this notion come from? And how is it explained? Here is the answer from the International Youth Convention 2019. The not so ancient Greeks will make the start. More

The story with the beans

Beans instead of grains of wheat. Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider explains the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ with an experiment from his childhood. An object lesson not only for Sunday School children. More

“To that beautiful land, let us go hand in hand”

A timely and consoling message to guide us as we strive for our glorious goal together. This is a classic among the performances of the New Apostolic Church Southern Africa—this time virtually. More

“What God gives is always enough”

It’s been a long time since you have been allowed to go to church. The last celebration of Holy Communion feels like forever. Is this no longer important? Here are some answers from the Chief Apostle by video. More