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God creates new things (5) – Election

Some are chosen and others are damned? “Anyone with a spark of love in their heart for their neighbour cannot bear to think like that,” the Chief Apostle said and explained a new understanding of election. More

Catechism 5 – Our creed

Central to the Catechism is the creed. And it was the first major problem area that cropped up while working on the Catechism: our New Apostolic Creed and its further development. This also included a return to common ground. More

“Something very beautiful came of this, beyond the music”

Music creates bonds. This is something that four choirs and orchestras from France and Germany can testify to. Here is an excerpt to mark World Friendship Day on 30 July. More

God creates new things (4) – Unity

Unity does not need uniformity, but love. Then differences become an enrichment. In the video extract, the Chief Apostle takes a closer look at an old and a new understanding of unity. More

A heart for the people

Our understanding of baptism, the liturgy, and the Catechism were the milestones set by Chief Apostle Wilhelm Leber during his time in office. He will celebrate his 75th birthday on 20 July 2022. His greatest strength is described by the people in this video. More

Catechism 4 – The Bible

Quotations from our own tradition are something you look for in vain in the Catechism of the New Apostolic Church. The great book of faith basically relies on one single source. And there is a good reason for that. More

Where Christ brought His redeeming sacrifice

“Golgotha”: this choral work from the Democratic Republic of Congo is named after the place of Jesus’ sacrifice. It is a self-penned composition and tells of Jesus’ act of redemption and its effects. Here is an inspiring piece to set the mood for the service for the departed. More