Knowing what we believe: The Catechism is the first comprehensive representation of the New Apostolic doctrine, a book for reading and for reference, a fundamental work covering historic as well as future developments. More


Liturgy is the prescribed form and structure of divine service: Trinitarian opening, prayers, sermon, absolution, Holy Communion, closing benediction. A look at how the New Apostolic Church celebrates divine service. More

Church holy days

Church holy days refer to particular events in God's plan of salvation. The New Apostolic Church celebrates the holy days, the importance of which is emphasised by a special divine service. More

Concept of ministry

What is ministerial authority and leadership function? What ministries serve in the Church? And what are the differences between ordination, appointment, and assignment? A look at the development and the current status. More

Chief Apostle

The rock on which Christ builds His church: This is the special position which the Chief Apostle ministry occupies in the New Apostolic Church. This file collects articles on the significant stages of the various Chief Apostles. More


How can we implement the motto that the Chief Apostle issues at the beginning of each year? Our Spotlight series with contributions from District Apostles across the world gives impulses. More


“One heart and one soul.ˮ – For New Apostolic Christians, Pentecost is not only an event that is celebrated once a year but is a feast of faith. Through an audio-visual broadcast to congregations worldwide, the global church receives important impulses. More

ICC 2014

Strong, friendly, and welcoming is how the New Apostolic Church presented itself at the first International Church Convention in June 2014. Visitors from all parts of the world enjoyed a dazzling variety of more than 250 concerts, devotions, lectures and talks, discussions, and workshops. More

EYD 2009

“Awesome weather, awesome people, awesome blessing!” Some 38,000 young people celebrated their future with Christ at the European Youth Day (EYD) in May 2009: a shared experience full of inspiring moments. More